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Cassida catenata (Boheman, 1855) - Chrysomelidae Cassidinae
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Autore:  Enoplium [ 21/02/2019, 20:52 ]
Oggetto del messaggio:  Cassida catenata (Boheman, 1855) - Chrysomelidae Cassidinae

This is the last from Malaysia.

Length = 4,3 mm

May be Cassida circumdata Herbst, 1799?

Like this:

Cassidinae sp.7-Malaysia-4,2 mm-R.jpg

Autore:  Lech Borowiec [ 22/02/2019, 9:33 ]
Oggetto del messaggio:  Re: Cassidinae sp.7

Cassida catenata (Boheman, 1855), species close to C. circumdata and partly sympatric in Malaysia. Generally. C. circumdata is common in continental Asia and rare in eastern islands where was probably introdcuced because inhabits only littoral and agricultural habitats while C. catenata is common on Sunda islands and eastern part of continental Malaysia inhabits mostly forest areas.
Records of C. catenata from Indian subcontinent probably concern another species or introduced specimens. ... atafig.htm

Autore:  Enoplium [ 22/02/2019, 13:51 ]
Oggetto del messaggio:  Re: Cassidinae sp.7

Dear Lech,
thank you for ID and information.
Of course you are right.
This specimen I collected in forest and in central Malaysia instead the specimen of C. circumdata from Tioman Isl. I found not far from the beach and in an abandoned cultivated area.

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